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Name: Mitacs

Industry: Non-profit

Size: 350 employees

Tenure: Since 2015


"We've been very satisfied with the service. The tool is easy to use and very intuitive for our managers to understand."

- Crystal Chiu, Manager HR Operations


Employee Engagement Survey (Focal ORG™)


In 2015, Mitacs identified that as the organization grew, employee engagement became an important topic to establish a two-way communication process, contribute to a strong work culture, increase productivity and effectiveness, and retain highly valued talent. As a national organization that operates research and training programs in fields related to industrial and social innovation, they knew how to analyze the marketplace.


Mitacs selected CustomInsight because of the ability to segment the information by customized categories, to customize survey items with robust benchmarking, and to develop their own survey questions.

They currently survey their employees four times a year-one annual survey plus three quarterly pulse surveys. After every survey, all managers across the organization are given access to the results and comments for their teams. In addition, Human Resources will meet with them to review the insights and coach them on what actions they can commit to in order to continue building on their strengths while also addressing areas of concern.

All their senior leaders have access to all data and comments across the organization to ensure they have a good picture of engagement across the company. HR uses the information and provides a summary to the organization on key themes they are seeing and addresses them accordingly in all-staff meetings every few months


Mitacs has been very satisfied with the service. They have found the tool easy to use and very intuitive for their managers. In addition, the benchmarking has helped them understand how they compare to other organizations. They want to continue building a safe environment for employees to express their ideas and concerns. They also want to share more information with their teams and use the tool as a conversation starter for managers to lead discussions about specific themes of engagement they are seeing so they can provide the appropriate support to their employees.

The feedback has been used to inform their culture change initiatives, some of their HR programs and policies, their overall internal communications strategies, and much more. In addition, the portion of their employees who are engaged has increase from 41% to 55% while the portion that are disengaged has decreased from 23% to 15%.

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