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Name: Jafra Cosmetics

Industry: Manufacturing

Size: 100 employees; $250 million valuation

Tenure: Since 2014


"We knew we had their work cut out for us, but we also knew we could improve our results if we took the appropriate steps,"

- Noriela Magbanua, Director of Human Resources


Employee Engagement Survey (Focal ORG™)


When a new president took the helm for the US market in 2014, they discussed ways to strengthen their culture, and to attract motivate and retain the most talented employees. They also wanted to hear what employees were thinking. So, they decided to try an employee engagement survey. After carefully examining several options, they selected CustomInsight's Focal ORG solution because of its power and ease of use.


After the survey was completed, they met with each department separately to review results and make action plans. Specifically, they focused on what they needed to improve and how they were going to do it. Based on common themes across departments, they focused on communication and transparency. They also encouraged personal expression, accountability, and empowerment.

In addition to initiating weekly updates, they provided training and workshops on effective communication, positive thinking, team building, and both giving and receiving feedback. At end of the year, Human Resources met with each department again, to review progress made on the goals established at the beginning of the year.


Based on their employee participation rates, which were close to 100%, it was clear that employees appreciated the opportunity to share their opinion and that they felt comfortable speaking up. Management was not sure what to expect, but were surprised by the results-especially to discover that more employees were disengaged than engaged. "It was painful," recalls Noriela Magbanua, Director of Human Resources. They knew they had their work cut out for them, but they also knew they could improve their results if they took the appropriate steps.

When they deployed the survey again, they saw noticeable improvements in their results. Their goal was to increase Overall Engagement by 4 points per year, but they were able to increase it by 14 points during the first two years (from 50 to 64). In addition, they increased the portion of employees who were engaged from 30% to 44%.

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