Case Studies and Success Stories

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Name: Bloomfield College

Industry: Education

Tenure: Since 2021

Size: Over 1,000 employees and students


"The survey was a great step towards making the entire campus aware of DEI as the responsibility of everyone."

- Laura Hill, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey (Focal DEI™)


Bloomfield College needed a DEI climate survey that would speak to all constituencies across their entire campus, especially since they had not done one recently. After interviewing several companies, they selected CustomInsight. One of the main reasons was our ability to do the analysis for them and present the results in an intuitive dashboard.


They first shared their results with all the Vice Presidents, as well as the faculty and staff. Each area Vice President was provided with guidance, such as cleaning up the language of their policies to be more inclusive. The school also updated their requirements for considering DEI in their hiring process, such as where and how they advertise their open positions. In addition, they reviewed and updated their pregnancy policy and their medical withdrawal policies. They reported on the actions taken throughout the year.


They were highly satisfied with CustomInsight's service and particularly liked the clear indications on the dashboard. In some areas where the survey was tailored to industry rather than higher education, they were able to customize it to their specific needs. They were surprised by some of the gaps uncovered between demographic groups (shown below), but the survey reinforced that DEI is the responsibility of everyone on campus. When they repeat the survey, they expect to see measurable impact.

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