Case Studies and Success Stories

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Name: Pathfinder Business Consultants

Industry: Management Consulting

Size: < 10 employees

Tenure: Since 2021


"We were blown away by the platform's versatility, analytics, and data visualization. We're huge fans and we have fully incorporated the CustomInsight platform into our workflow. We use it exclusively with our clients. It has significantly improved the outcomes of our client engagements."

- Jay Graves, CEO


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey (Focal DEI™)


Pathfinder was using an off the shelf survey platform to conduct our assessments. While they could capture some directional information, they lacked deep analytics and visualization. They were referred to CustomInsight by someone in their consulting network who had worked with Pathfinder as they were helping some clients conduct DEI and organizational surveys.


Once they visited our website and saw our solutions, they contacted us immediately for a formal demo. They were blown away by the platform's versatility, analytics, and data visualization. They exclusively use the CustomInsight DEI program with their clients. As part of their consulting workflow, they recommend conducting an organizational survey before establishing or evolving their DEI strategy and program. The results allow them to pinpoint areas of strength and opportunity to create a more focused and intentional DEI strategy.

They highlight the CustomInsight solution as part of their marketing material and pitch deck for potential clients. Showing examples of the dashboard, reports, and capabilities is always impressive. They are at the point with many of their clients where they will be using the advanced action planning tools as they assess progress on the strategies they have been executing.

They always recommend sharing the survey results with all employees. Their philosophy is to be transparent on areas of strength and opportunities. They also share the strategy and roadmap developed based on the feedback. In DEI, they feel that communication, transparency, and trust are essential. Typically, they will do progress updates each quarter with clients.


They are extremely satisfied with the CustomInsight's solutions and report that our team is always responsive when they have questions or need help. They also feel that we have been outstanding advocates of their business and mission to create sustainable cultures of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

The biggest improvement they have seen with clients is the level of insight they get using our solution. Their DEI strategies are well informed and actionable based on the information they gain from doing the survey.

Soon, they are launching a DEI program for individuals tasked with leading DEI initiatives within their organizations who might not have the financial resources for a long-term consulting engagement. This program will incorporate our platform as an option for them to use with their organizations because of its affordability.

Ultimately, CustomInsight's solution has significantly helped their client engagements and improved the outcomes of their engagements.