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Sample 360 Degree Feedback Surveys

  Curious to see how fantastic our surveys are?
Try the sample survey

We have streamlined the feedback process in order to make it as efficient and effective as possible.

To begin providing feedback, raters click on a link that they receive via email. They are provided with a task list showing the status of all feedback requests. Reminders are sent automatically to raters with unfinished feedback tasks. Surveys are fast and easy to complete - usually 10 minutes or less.

At the end of the survey, our feedback system analyzes each rater's responses and prompts them to provide additional written comments in the areas where they are most needed.

Key Survey Features
» Comments can be provided for any item
» Stop or go back at any point
» Customizable question format and rating labels
» Respondent task lists and automatic reminders
  additional survey features
We provide a complete library of 360 competencies that you can choose from, as well as pre-defined survey templates suitable for people at different levels. You can add your own categories and items to our library if you want to create a more personalized or customized feedback form.

If you have your own competency model or a complete 360 survey that you have already developed, then we can set your account up with your categories and items instead of ours.